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A Tula Baby Carrier is your companion for these moments of bonding, cuddling and exploring. For everyday. With a baby carrier that is distinctly YOU. Explore our Baby Carriers by carrier type. And if you need support which baby carrier to choose, take our quick quiz.
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Our Tula Explore Baby Carrier is the most versatile of all our baby carriers. It is not only adjustable to the different wearer's bodies, but also to your baby's changing needs as it grows from newborn to to toddler age. If your baby is starting to show interest in the environment, the forward-facing position is perfect for you and your child. And when your baby gets heavier you can simply switch to the back carry position.


Our Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier is a great fit if you are looking for a newborn-ready but long-term alternative for you and your baby and two carry positions, front inward-facing and back carry is all you need. It is not only supporting your child’s body, but is also size inclusive and perfectly comfortable for plus-size wearers. In addition it is incredibly easy to use and it's reduced design leaves a lot of space for our beautiful prints and fabrics.


Tula’s Toddler Carrier has a tall and wide panel to support your child even when it´s not a baby anymore and is for children from 11 kg to 27 kg (~18 months to 4+ years). Perfect for the little and big adventures in life when the little legs get tired and for cuddle time. It provides an inward facing front and back carry position, comfortable for both you and your toddler.


Our children are growing up very fast. But there are many good reason to carry your little one just a bit longer. Designed for that time of life. The Preschool Carrier supports your child up to 31,8 kg and can be worn in an ergonomic back and front carry position.


Our belly-friendly and soft Tula Ring Sling is an ideal carrier after giving birth. It is a really simple and flexible baby carrier you can use in a front carry facing in, back carry and hip carry position. It offers a customized snug fit which makes it perfect to use for newborns from 3,6 and children up to 15,9 kg..


Being on the go with a child or baby can be challenging sometimes, so Tula invented the Tula Lite Travel Carrier. It is very lightweight, folded together quickly in its own hip-pouch when not in use and helps you to fulfill your child’s wish, whether to walk or to be carried, within seconds.