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Compare Tula Baby Carriers

Find the Best Baby Carrier Option for You!

Take a look at our baby carrier comparison to see the different Baby Tula carrier options and find the baby carrier that is best for you and your baby!

which carrier is best for you?

Explore Free-to-Grow Standard Toddler Signature Half Buckle Preschool Lite


Standard Toddler Signature Half Buckle Preschool Lite
Ergonomic Carrying Position
Front Carry Facing In
Front Carry Facing Out Signature Explore only
Back Carry
Hip Carry Signature Half Buckle only
Carrier Features
Why We Love It Maximum versatility with multiple carry positions including forward facing, inward facing, and back carry Easy to use, no fuss carrier from newborn and beyond allowing for inward facing front and back carry positions Our original carrier designed to be your easy-to-use, daily carrier An ultra-supportive option for carrying your older child Rare, limited edition carriers made from luxuriously soft woven fabric A hybrid carrier that offers the comfort of a buckle waist and the customisable snug support of crossable tie straps A supportive and larger option for your growing child up to 31,8 kg An ultra compact carrier and hip pouch in one. Ready for quick ups and downs.
Newborn Carrying Infants weighing 3,2 - 7 kg must use the Baby Tula infant insert (sold separately) Reference carrier type for newborn carrying
Waistband Size 69 - 145 cm 69 - 145 cm 71 - 155 cm 71 - 155 cm 69 - 145 cm

69 - 145 cm

71 - 155 cm 58 - 145 cm
Ease Of Adjusting Between Wearers
Baby Weight / Age 3,2 - 20,4 kg 

Newborn -
4 years
3,2 - 20,4 kg 

Newborn -
4 years
3,2 - 20,4 kg

Infancy* -
4 years

11 - 27 kg 
from 81 cm tall

2 - 6 years

Available in Explore, Free-to-Grow, Standard, Toddler, and Half Buckle 3,2 - 20,4 kg 15,9 – 31,8 kg 5,4 - 13,6 kg
Panel Height 36,6 cm 44,7 cm 40 cm 46 cm reference carrier type for panel height 44,7 cm 51 cm 38,1 cm

Panel Width At
Widest / Middle / Narrow Setting

37 / 30,5 /
20,5 cm***
37 / 30,5 /
20,5 cm***
36,14 cm/
n/a / n/a
45,5 cm /
n/a / n/a
reference carrier type for panel width 37 / 30,5 /
20,5 cm***
50,5 cm /
n/a / n/a
31 cm /
n/a / n/a
Infant Insert For Newborn Carry Needed Signature Standard only
Available In Coast Mesh Reference carrier type for Coast Mesh availability
Nursing Friendly
Removable Hood
Front Waist Pocket Storage
Machine Washable Refer to product label
* Infants weighing 3.2 - 7 kg / 7 - 15 lb must use the Baby Tula Infant Insert (Sold Separately)
** Front Carry Facing Out only available in the Explore Wrap Conversion Carrier. Hip Carry only available in the Half Buckle Wrap Conversion Carrier.
***Due to longer seat darts, designed to create a larger pocket for baby’s seat, the total width span of the carrier panel will become shorter. 


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