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A mother and her child using a Leopard Signature Baby Carrier from Tula.

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Luxurious fabrics made from high-quality fibers. Handmade. Beautifully crafted. Luxuriously soft. Ultra Rare.

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Signature Woven Baby Carrier

Our Woven Wrap Baby Carriers from our Signature Collection are handmade by our seamstresses in Bialystok, Poland and the weaving artistry from small, often female led weavers around the world. Our weavers and textile companies are carefully picked out, to make sure they share our same company values and design aesthetic. Our Woven Wrap Baby Carrier combines our Tula carriers with a unique craftmanship

Handcrafted wrap baby carrier

Our Signature Collection is produced either of linen, hemp, silk, cotton or tencel, which brings an ultra-soft feeling to it. Special about the woven wrap baby carrier is, that some of them are made out of handwoven and hand-dyed fabric and are made by one seamstress only.

Special woven designs

Our woven wrap baby carriers are available in a variety of unique designs. Created in collaboration with textile artists and small woven companies, often women led, the designs are mostly limited-editions. Just like our regular baby carrier, the Signature Carrier are available in Explore, Free-to-Grow, Toddler, Preschool, Ring Sling and Standard Carrier. We also offer accessories like the Signature Baby Carrier Teething Pads or Signature Hip Pouches.

Signature Collection specialty

The Signature Collection celebrates textile artistry and its unique feel of woven wrap material, but still providing the ease of a soft structured buckle carrier. The material that is used to make a woven wrap baby carrier from Tula, has been woven together to a richly detailed or intricate design. Due to the very limited quantity, we are able to acquire rare, handwoven and even hand-painted wrap material, making the Signature Baby Carrier even more special.