Tula Mini Baby Doll Carrier: The perfect gift

A silly child, carrying his Tula Mini Toy Carrier in different positions.


Toys that mimic the items that parents use daily have always been a hit. Despite our most conscious toy buying efforts, toddlers will favor our keys, TV remote, whatever is in an older sibling's hand, and of course, the carrier that brings them so much comfort. You might wonder if the child in your life would enjoy a Baby Doll Carrier, and the answer is yes! Here are the scenarios where we find the Tula Mini Doll Carrier most popular. 


1. The child with a treasured stuffie

Children and plush toys have always gone together! It could be a baby doll, an Ironman action figure, or a stuffed animal that has to accompany your child. A Toy Baby Carrier is a great way to keep that toy off the ground in public and prevent from losing their precious buddy. A perfect baby doll accessory.


2. The child who is promoted to sibling 

Even when an older sibling was not worn, they love to have their own carrier like their parents. A Baby Doll Carrier is a great gift to help understand how things might look once the new sibling arrives. You can even get a Toy Baby  Carrier that matches the grown-up carrier


A child hat is holding hand with her parents, carrying her own Mini Doll Carrier from Tula.


3. The child who was worn 

Even though Baby Tula makes infant, toddler, and preschool carriers, the baby carrier stage feels too short. Children will become fans of the brand, and babywearing is what is normal to them. A Baby Doll Carrier is special because it will look just like the Tula they were worn in. It is adorable to see them wearing their babies and stuffies. Unfortunately, a box of tissues is not included with the purchase. 

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