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Baby Doll Carrier Tula Mini

Play pretend and be the cutest babywearer just like mommy and daddy! Our children love being just like their biggest heroes and now they can carry their lovey or baby doll in a Tula Mini Toy Carrier that looks just like your Tula Baby Carrier! Share memories from your early bonding time or have your big kid be a part of the babywearing fun that you share with a new sibling with the gift of a Tula Mini Toy and Doll Carrier.

Baby Tula recommends the Tula Mini Toy Carrier be used by children 18 months and older.

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Tula Baby Doll Mini Carrier

When growing older, many children want to be like mommy and daddy. They want to be like their role models. To celebrate them growing up and maybe become big siblings, Tula developed a Baby Doll Carrier just for you little ones.

Fun activity for parents and children

You and your child can spend unique bonding time together while using Tula’s Baby Doll Carrier. They learn how to take care of their baby doll while you are taking care of your baby. The Baby Carrier is a great toy to play with as a group or alone, while you might be working in home office. Children from age 1,5 years and older can play with Tula’s Mini Toy and Doll Carrier. It is adjustable to kids from different ages of childhood. Although your child is growing, your child can still play with Tula’s Toy and Doll Carrier.

Matching baby carriers

Tula’s Baby Doll Carriers are available in many fabrics. Whether you and your child want to be wearing matching Tula Carrier styles or not, the perfect design is available. Just as your Tula Baby Carrier, you child’s Baby Doll Carrier can be worn in front-carry and back-carry position. The interior pocket of the Baby Doll Carrier can be used for a teddy bear as well as another toy.