The fabric for our baby carrier collections

Just like we have different carrier designs for people with different tastes, we offer baby carriers made out of different materials for you to choose from. Do you live in a rather warm climate? Searching for a carrier that is super lightweight? Or do you prefer the look and feel of a handwoven material? Read this blog and find the material that best works for you and your specific needs and wishes.

Our main materials are:

  1. Cotton
  2. Linen
  3. Hemp
  4. Nylon Ripstop
  5. Polyester Mesh
  6. Luxurious blends

Now let’s explore the interesting facts of each of our fabrics:


Cotton Fabric Baby Carrier

Cotton is a very versatile fabric that is especially suited to printing the unique prints that Tula carriers are known for. The fabric is very easy to clean and machine washable, which makes caring for it super easy. Our cotton fabric is soft, breathable, all-natural and Oeko Tex 100 certified.

We offer the most variety of carrier styles in our cotton material including our Explore, Free-To-Grow, Standard, Toddler, Preschool, Half Buckle, and Mini Toy carriers.

Take our quiz to find out what carrier is best for you. 



Linen Fabric Baby Carrier.

Our Linen fabric is made from a unique 52% linen and 48%-cotton blend that is woven into a classic herringbone pattern. Naturally breathable and temperature regulating, linen is an excellent choice for all climates. Linen is an all-natural material that is low water, nearly zero waste crop and biodegradable

Our Linen collection is inspired by light, airy colours found in nature, and available in our Explore, Free-To-Grow, and Toddler Carrier options.



Hemp fabric baby carrier.

Our Tula Hemp fabric is exceptionally soft while also being a naturally strong and durable material. Made from 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton it is one of our more sustainable materials, because the production process of the fabric does not need as much water as other materials do. Hemp is also temperature regulating.

This is not your average hemp! We worked to find hemp material that was extremely soft right out of the box and not rough or scratchy. Our Hemp collection is available in Explore and Free-To-Grow carrier styles.

Curious what real moms had to say about our Hemp carrier? Watch when they get to try Tula Hemp for the very first time.



Nylon Ripstop fabric baby carrier.

Ripstop is a woven, durable and lightweight nylon material, which can easily fold and pack up small. The compact features of this material, allow for our Tula Lite Carrier to be a great option for travelling or to have on hand as a second carrier option. Nylon ripstop is also great for its quick-drying characteristic and strength.

Watch how the Tula Lite carrier made out of ripstop material folds away.

How to use your Tula Lite.



Polyester Mesh fabric baby carrier.

Mesh, made of 100% polyester fabric, is a key feature on our Tula’s Mesh carriers. Mesh is a popular option because of the breathability and added airflow it can provide. Mesh is used on the centre panel, hood, and interior of our arm straps of every Tula Mesh carrier. The other portion of the carriers are made with printed cotton material or the woven material used in our Signature collection.

Tula Mesh carriers are made in our Explore baby carrier, Free-To-Grow baby carrier, Standard carrier, Toddler carrier, and Preschool carrier.

You might be wondering which carrier is best for warm weather. You can read our babywearing tips and which carriers do best in the heat in our blog: “The best summer baby carrier”.


Luxurious blends

Luxurious blends fabric baby carrier.

Our Signature Collection includes products that are woven from different luxurious blends of material in addition to 100% cotton fabric. Some of these blends include viscose, merino wool, silk, linen, pima cotton and more! These blends are used to: give the material a unique look; make it especially supportive or soft for you and baby; and overall highlight the features that make each fabric special.

We source this material from other babywearing brands: artisan makers, and textile weavers who carefully select these materials resulting in limited edition, high quality baby carriers.

So when you’re looking for your perfect carrier, you will want to consider the carrier style and design that best suits you, as well as, what material is best for you. Picking the right size carrier, in a print or color that you love AND in a type of material that feels perfect for you is the secret to a successful babywearing experience. Because when you love your carrier, you’ll enjoy carrying your baby more.

Take a look at our new arrivals and see which carrier catches your eye.

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