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After birth, the newborn’s or baby’s needs are often very simple. The parents have to take care of them – to change nappies, feed and snuggle them. Over time their needs might become more complex. The toddlers will have different desires, unique to their character. Baby Tula believes that babywearing does not have to end when your child starts walking, it ends when your baby doesn’t need the comfort of babywearing anymore. Safety, security, and connection are all intuitive needs from birth and continue to be important to you and your child throughout their lives.

 toddler carrier

Some children need their own babywearing journey to be a little longer than other children. Especially children with special needs greatly benefit from having the option to be carried in a carrier. Those children will immensely benefit from our Preschool Carrier.

toddler carrier

At Baby Tula, we support all families and believe that the comfort, bonding and perspective that “Toddler Wearing” or “Big Kid Wearing” brings can be especially beneficial to those with special or customised needs, regardless of age.

Every child is developing and maturing in a different speed and has individual needs of how close they want to be with their caretakers. While some parents may not find it necessary to wear their older child, we want you to know that the Tula carrier for toddler age as well as the Preschool Carrier have the capability to last you well into the preschool and early elementary years. Great for those days, where your little one gets tired on a walk, is anxious in a new place, or needs extra long cuddles.

The Tula carrier for toddler wearing is really designed for larger and older children. The larger panel of the Toddler Carrier will not begin to comfortably fit a child until they are at least 81 cm and 11 kg.

We are delighted to be able to offer a variety of different carrier styles that benefit a family wherever they are on the path of parenthood. Check out our ‘best baby carrier option for you’ comparison chart on our website.

Short facts about the carrier for toddler:

  • Can be used from 11 - 27 kg
  • Can be used from a height of 81 cm
  • Front and back carrying

Toddler's benefits:

  • extra wide panel of 47 cm and wide back panel
  • extra padding around the leg opening
  • removable hood

Your benefits:

  • large padded waistbelt for extra support
  • big front pocket
  • different fabric and designs available

 Toddler Carrier in back-carry position.

Enjoy your babywearing journey with our carrier for toddler wearing as long as it is possible!

And for everyone that wants to keep or has to keep carrying their child after toddlerhood, you might want to look at our Preschool Carrier. The Preschool Carrier can be used up to 31,8 kg and has the widest out of all our panels. Learn more about our Preschool Carrier.

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