The Fringe Family Yearbook

Meet the families creating a world they love where self doesn’t end at parenthood. It just begins. 

Fences musician with his wife and baby Moody in a Tula Mesh Explore baby carrier

Love, Music & Nature

Christopher and Maxine, a Southern California couple, are raising their daughter Moody to live a life full of love, music, and appreciation for the world around her.

Meet the Mansfield Family
Joga teacher Heaven carrying her daughter Soleil in a Tula Velour Explore Sapphire baby carrier

From Mat to Motherhood

Heaven Schydlowsky, a Brooklyn-based Yoga Instructor and proud mom of Soleil, shares her insights on how yoga can be a game-changer for your parenting journey.

Meet the Schydlowsky Family

Raising Future Activists

Tennessee Thomas is an activist, designer, DJ, and a drummer. She's also a mama to two sweet kids, Izzy and Sylvette. She tell us what it looks like to raise kids in a world we’re trying to make a better place.

Meet the Thomas-Goodman Family

Raising Horses and Raising Humans

Meet Margey, mama and horse owner. Discover how babywearing not only helped her manage daily chores but also provided precious moments of bonding with her son, Maverick.

Meet the Givings Family