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What Size Ring Sling Should I Get?

Our Baby Tula Signature Ring Slings are made using beautiful woven material, designed and woven specifically for Baby Tula. Using this supportive woven material, that quickly softens and glides, makes our ring slings a wonderful option to use with your baby from birth into toddlerhood. They have a weight range of 3,6 - 15,9 kg. and allow for front and hip carrying positions.

A benefit to a Ring Sling is that they're a compact, quick on-the-go babywearing option. A sling compactly folds and is easy to bring along in your bag to slip on and off. Ring Slings perfectly mold around the wearer and baby creating a customized fit that is snug and secure. We offer our ring slings in a variety of stylish designs and fabric blends to help you keep your hands free while keeping you and baby comfortable!

Not sure what size ring sling to purchase? 

Baby Tula Ring Slings are available in two sizes, "Standard Length" (~ 196 cm) and "Long Length" (~ 221 cm) unwashed. Ring Slings are measured lengthwise from the gathered fabric on the ring to the tail end of the fabric. The Standard Length will leave a shorter tail (the fabric hanging down from the rings once baby is in the sling) than the Long Length. The tail does not impact the safety or ability to carry, but is more of a stylistic preference. The fit of Baby Tula Signature Ring Slings is very versatile, and both sizes will fit most wearers. And if the length of the tail seems too long for you, there are ways to wrap the fabric around the rings to use up some of the length. 

Watch our helpful instructional video to learn how to wear your Tula Ring Sling


To help you visualize the fit of our ring slings, we have included images of various caregivers wearing different sized Tula ring slings. 


Wearing a Long Length Tula Signature Ring Sling with a newborn

Wearing a Long Length Tula Signature Ring Sling with an approximate 12-month-old


Wearing a Standard Length Tula Signature Ring Sling with an approximate 18-month-old

Wearing a Standard Length Tula Signature Ring Sling with an approximate 12 month old

Wearing a Standard Length Tula Signature Ring Sling with an approximate 18-month-old

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