What is Tula Love?

    Tula Love is a Facebook group first created by our founder, Ula, to bring Tula fans from across the globe together. Shortly after it’s creation, we passed on the group to volunteer admins to allow Tula Love to become a group by and for the community. It became a  platform to share babywearing tips and tricks, chat about upcoming and new Tula releases, and showcase all of the personal experiences members enjoyed while wearing their Tula Carriers. For us, Tula Love is also a great place for us to hear your thoughts and requests for what we offer.


    Three women and a child in front of an "I love Tula" sign.


    Is there one Tula Love group or are there local ones as well?

    Tula Love” is the largest community group, but there are several other groups based on regions and locale. One of them being "Nosimy w Tula" (a Polish Tula Love group).   


    Who (what group of people) will benefit from joining Tula Love?

      All parents/ caregivers, who are currently babywearing or are considering it, will be able to benefit from joining Tula Love. If you are new to Tula, the group is a great place to learn about upcoming releases, see sneak peeks, and learn a little “Tula lingo”.


      What´s the biggest reason for joining this group?

        If you ever have any questions about babywearing and Tula, or you are just looking for the a supportive community who is on a similar parenting journey, this is the place to go. Odds are at least one person in the Tula love group has had the same experience as you and can help or support you through it.


        Is this a community run by Tula?

          We do not run Tula Love. We do join the conversations happening there from time to time to share previews, host giveaways, and communicate directly with our most passionate community. Our Facebook page is an admin for the group to allow us to share announcements and link the group to the public page, but we do not perform any admins duties or manage any of the volunteer admins.


          Can I expect to get replies if I post a question/concerns regarding the Tula carriers or babywearing in general? Is there a good amount of interaction between members?

            The Tula Love community is very supportive. They are  especially helpful when you are new to babywearing and Tula. So, don´t be shy! Go ahead and ask all your questions. Or use the search function on Facebook or files section to see if you can find an answer to your question. There is a good chance someone else has asked the same question before.


            The Tula Love Community


            What are typical topics that are being posted by community members and by Tula members?

              There are a lot of posts of members sharing pictures of recent adventures with their Tula carrier. Or Tula Love members sharing their excitement as they open up a new carrier that just arrived. There are members asking questions like what carrier style should they get. You will also see posts with a picture of someone wearing their carrier and asking if it is adjusted properly or is the appropriate fit and positioning got baby.

              In addition to that, members often share when there is a new product launch, a promotion is happening, or there is some other exiting  news. The group will definitely keep you posted on everything going on.

              photos by Nosimy w Tula

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