Tula Lite's Secret Ingredient? Ripstop

A mother smiling at her child that she is carrying in a baby carrier from Tula.


In October, Baby Tula debuted a brand new carrier: the Tula Lite baby carrier. Its unique features have some of you asking questions. How can a Tula fold that small? How does the hip pouch have so much room even with the carrier stored? Is it magic? Not exactly, although there is a little sleepy dust involved. So much of what makes the Tula Lite carrier magical is the material! Read on to learn more about the properties of ripstop.


For the Tula Lite Carrier, we knew we wanted to utilize a fabric that provided coolness and could easily be stored away. ripstop is a durable, woven, quick-drying nylon fabric used favorably in the outdoor, apparel, and sportswear industries.  For many of the same reasons that ripstop was chosen for the Tula Lite, it is also often used to make parachutes!

During the weaving process, thicker reinforcing yarns are interwoven at regular intervals, creating the recognizable grid pattern of ripstop material. This weave structure strengthens the fabric and prevents tears, quite literally, hence the name “ripstop.” 

A mother who is using a hip pouch and her happy daughter.


Ripstop material is machine washable. It can quickly be folded and made compact to allow for the panel of the carrier to fit nicely in a small pocket on the inner waistband. While packed, the roomy hip pouch is still accessible and available to hold your daily essentials. You truly have a Tula in your pocket for any time you may need it.


The first collection of the Tula Lite baby carrier included three of our most popular prints: Beyond, Discover, and Soar. Beyond has an organic dash pattern swept across a steel blue background. Discover features gray clusters of stars cascading across a black background. And Soar has black silhouettes of birds in flight across an olive green backdrop.

We know our community is eager for additional print options and so are we! Here, at Baby Tula, we love to provide creative print options, and the Lite carrier collection will be no exception. That's why we are introducing new prints to our Tula Lite Baby Carrier collection on a regular basis. 

Two happy parents and their child that is sitting in a baby carrier in front-carry position.
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