Three Ways to Extend the (already long!) Life of Your Tula Baby Carrier

We love hearing stories from our Tula community about the longevity and durability of our carriers. Most parents get years of use across multiple children from their Tula baby carriers, so much so that they become a part of the family - a thread that runs between each family member as their time comes.

So, while our carriers are built to last, being specially constructed to keep performing day after day, year after year, here are a few tips to keep your carrier in tip top condition and extend its life as long as possible.

Invest in some Droolas

Most babies, once they start teething, suck on the straps of the carrier. It’s right there, soft, squishy, and ready for tiny mouths - who can blame them? But did you know that the pH of their saliva changes as teething begins and this. along with sharp teeth chomping on your carrier’s fabric, can cause some damage. That’s why we created our Droolas to protect your straps and give baby a safe place to chew. All you have to do once they’re thoroughly munched is pop them in the wash and they’ll come out good as new! And the best part? You can mix and match them to accessorise your favourite carrier with interchangeable prints.

A sleeping baby in an ergonomic Coast Carrier from Tula.

Wash cool then air dry

We recommend spot cleaning your Tula carrier as needed with a soft cloth, soap and warm water but almost all of our carriers are machine washable because, as we all know, accidents happen. Buckle all of the carrier buckles beforehand and wash the carrier with mild detergent on a cold wash with a gentle cycle (this is also better for the environment so it’s a win win), then air or line dry them. Don’t use fabric softeners, bleach or detergents with brighteners when washing your Tula carrier and don’t iron or dry clean them.

The exceptions to the above rules lie with some of our limited-edition Signature carriers. If you own one of these then take a look at the tag on your carrier as this will let you know its fabric content and wash instructions. Some of our Wrap Conversion Carriers are 100% cotton so you can follow the advice above but if any animal fibres are present (i.e. wool, silk), please handwash only.

Don’t leave your carrier in the car

Tula mums are busy mums and we know it can be tempting to keep your baby carrier in the car, but the extreme temperatures of the car can be tough on them - this is one of the reasons car seats have expiration dates for example. Try hanging your baby carrier (or carriers!) on a hook near the door. Then you’re ready for anything, whether it’s cuddles in the kitchen or getting out for some fresh air and sunshine.
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