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Tula Torba - Kaleidoscope Eponine


Tula Torbas are beautifully handcrafted bags designed and sewn in Poland from Tula Woven Wraps, which combine the art and beauty of modern weaving with the quality, tradition and generations of European textile experience. These bags are a representation of our passion for textiles, designs, and attention to detail, and honor the caregiver in a way that is beautiful, elegant, useful, and lasts beyond the babywearing years.

Please be gentle with your Tula Torba – treat it with care by keeping it away from direct sunlight and protecting it from inclement weather.  You will notice that your bag absorbs many of the qualities of a well broken in woven wrap when used regularly. We encourage regular maintenance of your Tula Torba by using a soft cloth, soap and warm water, and machine washing only when necessary, in cold on the delicate cycle with mild detergent and then air drying. 

*Please note, that the photo listed here, is a stock photograph and placement of this print may vary.

 We hope you enjoy your Tula Torba!