Baby Tula — newborn hold - baby wrap instructions
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1. Locate the shoulder piece that is closer to your chest and pull it away from your body.     
2. Place baby on the opposite shoulder and slide your baby down into the piece that is closer to your chest. Please ensure that baby's lets are in fetal position.
3. While holding the baby, spread the fabric over the baby’s body from shoulders to bottom.
4. Find the piece on the other shoulder and spread over baby's body.

5. Make sure the fabric over baby's back is flat and that it is stretched from one side to the other.  6. Locate the logo.

7. Pull the panel up all the way to your babies neck. 8. Make sure your baby is comfortable and has enough room to breath. Baby's chin should be facing up and mouth should be at all times visible.

Step 2 - Chose the right wearing position for your baby

newborn hold                                          

froggie (for babies older than 3 months)