Baby Tula — froggie hold - baby wrap instructions
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froggie hold (for babies older than 3 months)

1. Find the shoulder piece that is closest to your body.

2. While holding baby, carefully put baby’s first leg under the shoulder piece.                
3. Spread the fabric over baby’s  bottom and shoulder.
Make sure the fabric is spread all the way from the back of one knee to the back of the other knee.
4. Put baby’s second leg under the other shoulder piece while supporting the baby's back.

5. Spread the fabric, covering baby's bottom and shoulder.

6. Find the logo tag and carefully put both of baby's legs under this panel.
7. Pull this section of  fabric up and over baby's back and shoulders. 
8. You may tuck baby's head under  one of the shoulder pieces for additional support. This works great for for smaller babies or sleeping babies.

Chose the right wearing position for your baby:


newborn hold                                

froggie hold (for babies older than 3 months)