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Benefits for Baby

In many cultures, baby wearing is the norm where mothers and babies are always together and shaping each other's behavior. When you wear your baby, the two of you move through the day together. You see the world from similar points of view. Your baby learns to trust you by feeling secure and comfortable while being reassured by the physical contact. Wearing your baby provides closeness even when you cannot provide your full attention. Baby wearing not only meets the physical needs but your child learns to develop emotionally and socially by feeling your emotions and seeing and hearing how you interact throughout the day. The experience of being held in a carrier is similar to the child's experience in the womb. So that after birth, the experience of being held close to a parent’s body helps them recall the peace and security they felt in the womb. 

Noted Dr. William Sears believes that baby wearing stimulation "helps babies breathe and grow better, regulates their physiology, and improves motor development" (Sears and Sears 2001). This applies to both full-term and premature babies.

Additional benefits of wearing your baby:

-In cultures where babies are carried almost continuously, babies cry much less than those in non-carrying cultures.

-Good for baby's physical development.

-Builds communication between parent and child.

-Enhances the bond between child and parent.

-Breastfeeding is convenient and discreet.

-Provides security and confidence for the baby.

Benefits for Parent

For many parents baby wearing allows the parent to be there for their baby while carrying on with their lives . For example, wearing baby frees a parent's hands for basic cleaning, preparing food, running errands, and other day-to-day activities. With baby close to the parent in a carrier, the parent will not have to stop what he/she is doing when the baby needs reassurance. A few words, a soothing touch, and the baby goes back to being content. Another benefit is less baggage. Wearing your baby in a carrier requires much less preparation then a large stroller to pack into the car. A baby carrier can be stored in a bag so that it is readily available for use. 

As parents wear their baby more often they learn the baby's little nuances and gain more confidence in how to reassure the baby. A baby who is happy makes the parent feel more competent. By wearing the baby often a parent can sense when her baby is growing restless or hungry or frightened and can solve the situation.