Baby Tula — Baby Tula - Elastic Wrap Instructions
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Tula Elastic Wrap is an ideal carrier for infants, but the durable fabric and length of Tula Wraps allows you to carry children up to 12 kg.
Elastic Baby Wrap is great if you are new to babywearing. There is only one tying method, but many ways to wear a baby. 
Below are the two, we recommend as the most ergonomic to you and your baby. 



Step 1 - Put on the Wrap (basic tying method)

1. Find the logo at the center of the wrap. Place the center panel of the wrap across your waist and bring the outstretched fabric behind your back.
2. Cross the two ends behind your back and bring each end up and over your shoulder. Keep the fabric  flat. The different texture of each side of the Tula wrap will help you be sure not to twist the fabric.
3. Tuck the ends of the wrap under the logo section from top to bottom. Keep the fabric tense.
4. Cross the end pieces in your front making an "X" on your chest. Make sure the "X" is not twisted. This is where your baby will sit.

5. Make sure the "X" is not twisted. This is where your baby will be positioned.

6. Bring the fabric ends behind your back. You can tie a knot here.

7. If you have enough fabric bring it back to the front.  8. Tie a double knot.



Step 2 - Chose the right wearing position for your baby

newborn hold                                          

froggie (for babies older than 3 months)


Here are some important guidelines to remember when wearing an infant:

  • Check to ensure that your baby is not curled up tightly in a chin-to-chest position; this compresses your baby's airway. Making sure there is a fingers' width or two between their chin and chest is a good guide.
  • Make sure your baby's back is straight and supported.
  • Monitor your child at all times. Make sure nothing is obstructing their face.
  • Be aware of how your movements affect the baby: avoid any bumping or jarring motions.
For more information on safe babywearing, please see Babywearing Safety page.

For your convenience, every Tula wrap comes with instructions book: